As an independent company we have the freedom to cherry pick from the leading technologies available at any given point in time, creating the ideal programmatic platform for your product, and your market. We are agile, and this is how we get results.


We bring years of experience in the Australian media arena, and a new approach – unencumbered by large agency network ties, untainted by scandal. Fully accountable across the board: transparent on pricing, commissions, and performance.


As a wholly owned independent we can offer clients complete transparency. We need to be profitable but not behind the backs of our clients, at their expense and to the detriment of their business.


Programmatic enables your business to pinpoint the ideal potential customer. Using data and technology we can serve your target a message that is of genuine interest – in the right place, and at the right time.

This ability to fuse media innovation with dynamic creative is proven to result in increased engagement with your demographic, and generates greater return on your advertising dollar.

Ultimately, you can profit from programmatic media in many ways:

  • Data captured
  • Improved lead conversions for your brand through leading edge technologies
  • More satisfactory outcomes and better value for your customers
  • Overall improvement on efficiencies


PM campaigns audited for viewability


50% of all media to be purchased via programmatic means


year-on-year growth of programmatic ad spend in Australia


of all marketers plan to spend 80% of budget programmatically


We have the technology to help you succeed, to help you surpass the competition.

On your behalf we work with our technology partners to analyse the relevant available data – whether custom-collated or from 3rd party sources – and create a bespoke platform that we know will work for your product.

Having established the optimal media mix, we have the expertise to execute the creative. We have the savvy to know what options should be included, and we have the confidence to interweave the traditional message with the unexpected.

Moreover, we have all publishing networks at our fingertips, ready to make a deal.

Watch your message focus directly on your customer, as our real-time technology channels in, and adapts to your market and their behavior.

Programmatic is understood to be a science: a quantitative approach to marketing. Advertising via algorithm. Yet for us here at Programmatic Media, we believe the numbers won’t add up for anyone – not us and certainly not our clients – unless the data, the schedule and the creative are infused with the quality that my team brings. They are the best in their field.

Virginia Hyland, owner & director, PM


This is our opportunity to deliver great, effective, quantifiable campaigns for you. And we’re keen to show you how it can be done. Or even if you just have questions about how the technology works…

PH: 02 8484 5555