As seen on LinkedIn: Super Saturday sellers  – how to entice them when they’re ready to spend

Across the year a massive one million people move house. Super Saturday is the biggest weekend in the annual calendar for home sales and this event happened last weekend. Clearance rates hit 81% in Sydney and 76% in Melbourne.

Reserve prices were allegedly smashed which means sellers have more cash to spend on upgrades for their new home.

This is a prime opportunity to engage with this cashed up audience as they make plans to move house 6-8 weeks from now.

What we know about this audience:

  1. Mindset – those who are organised and in an active mindset and those that will organise the move last minute.
  2. Decision Maker – tends to be a female. She organises the move and make decisions about the new home set up.
  3. The 8 top categories they will spend across are:
    1. Banking & Finance
    2. Home & Contents insurance
    3. Gas, Water & Electricity – approximately 40% will switch provider
    4. Internet Telecommunications & Entertainment
    5. Furniture, Whitegoods and Home Appliances
    6. Automotive
    7. Renovation, Hardware and Gardening
    8. Travel

 The Marketer Challenge – how do you target home movers at the right time with the right message?

 There are 3 stages to attracting your audience:

  1. SOW – bold big advertising which helps to inspire your customer to consider your offering.
  1. Cultivate and convince – once the potential customer starts to search online for products and services they will purchase when they move house, you want to be able to engage with precisely their need. You want to start to nurture the individual relationship.

To talk to your audience need you can use simple tools like dynamic creative which tailors the message. For example if the individual is searching for a new dining table, a new TV or lounge then you can serve an ad in real time that talks exactly to what they are looking to purchase such as an offer on dining tables. They will more deeply engage with this message.

  1. Harvest the sale – Your audience will generally not commit on the first message of advertising that is served to them. To nurture the relationship you can tell different parts of a message over a series of time.

The first message can explain your brand, the second message can talk to tips when moving house and the third message can be an offer tailored to their interests.

The two tools that will help you outwit your competitors:

  1. Dynamic Creative which updates in real time

Serving generic messages about your offering to this audience will only penetrate so far. There is a great opportunity to tailor messaging that is relevant to them in that exact purchase mindset.

Personalising your message to make it relevant to a home mover will make a difference as to how you cut through competitive noise.

If you search online or talk to your agency you will start to get an understanding of how easy this is to trial. It is simply a frame that will use machine learning to quickly change a message and optimise towards the most effective ‘clicked on’ message.

  1. Data sets

Media platforms have a deep understanding of their audience. Media partners such as and can supply data around who visiting their sites. They can break this down by age demographics, by geographical location and other options. This information shows those that are in the purchase frame of mind.

Secondly you can overlay real estate data sets with large third party data engines – such as eyeota or bluekai. These engines can follow the same people who have been scouring and right across the web.

Layering a number of data sets means that you can tightly target the right person with the right message in real time. You are engaging with them by using messaging that matches their needs. Programmatic media means that your advertising will be appearing where your competitors are not. With relevant messages you are more likely to own the attention of the audience without the competitive noise around your advertising.

Does it really make a difference?

We have been able to build case studies with different clients that show how over time your cost of advertising comes down and your sales results significantly increase – whether you have an ecommerce site or you have a bricks and mortar store.

In a competitive and difficult market increasing your marketing effectiveness can improve dramatically.

One client has achieved a 26% increase in sale which can only mean good things for their business and their effectiveness as a marketer. Their big bold advertising lead people to search online and before they checked out competitor offers we programmatically sent relevant message that helped to re-engage that person with our clients offer.

My last tip – if you are going to take advantage of programmatic messaging to talk to relevant Super Saturday sellers

If you are briefing an agency please ask if they will show you the rates they pay for the media data and inventory. There has been much written in the press about hidden markups which can detrimentally affect the results of your campaign.

If they won’t show you what they pay then find an agency that will. That way you know you are making the most of your marketing efforts and have the best possible chance of knocking out the competition.

Virginia Hyland is founder of award winning HM Communication Group. Her company offers specialised media and content services, and works with many bluechip clients. HM helps clients better understand how to talk to audiences and how to deliver powerful results.

They also run programmatic media training sessions for clients so that they can understand more about the technology.