Australian ad tech company Programmatic Media has hired the former trading head of Sparc Media Rohan Mehrotra as its new general manager.


The announcement:

Industry Leader Rohan Mehrotra joins Programmatic Media Managed Services as General Manager

Virginia Hyland, Founder of Programmatic Media Managed Services announced “I am thrilled that such a strong industry leader within the digital and programmatic space has joined Programmatic Media consultancy to lead the managed services team. Rohan is a well respected leader within the programmatic field. He has over 14 years in digital & programmatic advertising expertise. Not only will he be supporting senior marketers to internalise and their own digital media buying team. He will also be helping businesses develop a single view of their customer – both online and offline.

Rohan said “I previously headed up programmatic product for Pureprofile Globally and Programmatic ops for Sparcmedia globally. My passion is in developing secureAd-Tech platforms and solutions that make a difference to client in-house businesses. I have been specialising in Programmatic trading since my early days via my experience with Cadreon/IPG Mediabrands.

Virginia has developed a trailblazer business within the stagnant programmatic environment which I am proud to lead.  We will be focusing on how we can support clients through developing their own in-house programmatic team’s and solutions. As well as focusing on the core five issues of:

  1. Data and Privacy.
  2. AI and automation.
  3. Brand Safety.
  4. Exciting Ad Tech currently in market
  5. Excellent Campaign performance

Already Programmatic Media services are saving clients six to seven figure sums on their current campaigns – through team focus, better market deals and aligning securely with customer data”

Source: Programmatic Media